Virtuosa  v.5 2

Virtuosa is a comprehensive multimedia tool. This program is easy for beginners and really powerful for advanced users. It contains audio/video players, CD ripper, burner, audio files converter, tracks organizer, tracks editor, mixer and so on.


EDonkey Plug-in Pack  v.1 1

eDonkey Plug-in Pack contains a suite of tools and utilities to increase eDonkey client performance. eDonkey Plug-in Pack is hassle free, easy to install and to use, no more ''...plugin.dll'' to download or the ''....plugin.dll'' to extract !

MLDonkey  v.3.0.7

Open Source eDonkey client.MLDonkey Features: 1. 100% Open Source, GPL license 2. runs on Linux, Unix, Solaris, MacOSX, MorphOS and Windows 3. The p2p core can run on a resource limited headless computer, with remote GUI clients accessing it over the

Mlnet core  v.2.7.7

mlnet is a multi-network P2P client.

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